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Student at Australian Catholic University 


I'm a bit of a professional student. I was young when I started. I should've graduated a couple of years ago. I failed a few subjects because I didn't take them seriously. So I deferred for six months and asked myself some serious questions about where I saw my life going. I came back fighting! I did five units a semester, summer and winter school. I've learnt a lot about my responsibilities. I'm serious about my goals and what I have to do to achieve them. Now I've caught up. I'm looking forward to graduating in 2015!

I think uni's about having a goal at the top of the ladder. Keep climbing each rung. You'll get knocked back a few times, you'll slip and trip, but you'll eventually get there. If you've got that fight in you to get it done and do something great with your life, you can.

"We have one life. We've really got to make it count."

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