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Student at the University of Sydney


When year 12 rolled around I started thinking about life after school. I was playing a lot of sport and thought a professional sports career would be the answer. I was fortunate to have a role model in my brother, who went to uni and was doing really well – he inspired me to give it a go. Lucky I did – I realised my abilities in sport were only going to last so long, whereas an education would last forever.

Initially I received a rugby scholarship to go to uni. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do so I started a broad degree – arts and science. Once I saw that an education could help people with their quality of life, I decided to become a teacher to help others.

The Department of Education and NSW Corrective Services were advertising cadetships and the staff at uni suggested I apply for one. I've been on the cadetship for three years and it's been great. I go and teach in various gaols around NSW. It's very humbling to go in there and help people who are genuinely interested in learning and bettering their lives.

I started out as someone who wasn't going to go to uni. Now I want to do post graduate studies in Criminology and use my education to travel.

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