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Student at Macquarie University 


I've always wanted to be a teacher. My dad was a principal, his parents were teachers – teaching runs in my family!

I did high school up to year 10 in Broome. At that stage I was dancing. My goal was to get into NAISDA and maybe Bangarra. Then I was sent to boarding school in Sydney. That's when education kicked in.

Uni's a really good place for me. It was hard going from a private girl's school to uni. I failed my first assignment ever! I didn't know how to reference and I didn't have a teacher to show me how. So I went to Warawara and got tutoring. The rest is history.

I'm at Warawara every day. Sometimes you just need to be around other Indigenous people. It's so good. You walk in there and say, "Help me guys!" and everyone says, "We feel the same!"

I have big dreams. I want to teach in Aboriginal communities in the East Kimberleys – Warmun and Turkey Creek. I hope to empower other Aboriginal people through the wonder of receiving an education.

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